• Is there a minimum order quantity?

    Yes, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

  • How long is the delivery time?

    Usually within 4-15 working days.

  • Is it possible to pre-install my data?

    Yes, we provide data pre-install service at no additional cost on your flash disk, a maximum of 100 MB per flash disk. For pre-install data above 100MB, please contact us via WA.

  • Can this flash disk be used on all types of computers?

    We use a standard flash disk that can be used with all types of computers and operating system platforms.

  • What kind of flash disk chip is used?

    We only use new flash disk chips with the best quality. Several other vendors offer flash disks with recycled chips, therefore they offer cheaper prices but have a high failure rate, so they break quickly. We only sell products with the best quality assurance.

  • What if the product I'm looking for is not on the website?

    The products displayed on USB Factory are a fraction of the popular types of flash disks. If you want to order a model other than those shown in the product list, please contact our customer service.