Custom Flash disk merchandise, Power bank, and Bluetooth speakers according to your brand

USB FACTORY has been established since January 2016. In the beginning, we specialized in flash disk merchandise and power banks only. But now we provide various other merchandise such as Bluetooth speakers and travel chargers, but we also provide other merchandise such as tumblers, umbrellas, and agendas.


In general, USB Factory only serves online orders where all processes are carried out by WhatsApp chat or email. With the process of asking for a price, then sending the logo via email, making artwork then a DP before the work process. Estimated average workmanship for non-full custom is 4-15 working days depending on material, while for full custom (special flash design) is 3-4 weeks working days. For flash drives, we provide a 1-year warranty for chip replacement.

We have worked on projects from various private and government agencies from a minimum number of 50 pcs to thousands of pcs per project. So there is no doubt about the quality and experience that we have.

Our Products and Services

We work on a wide range of products and services according to your needs.

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